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Hi, I'm Cindy



I’m an entrepreneur, business executive, farmer, real estate investor, mother of six, and grandmother of 21. Growing up in a small town and working in my family’s struggling small business gave me a strong foundation. It was there that I learned the value of hard work and working together to make things happen that seemed impossible.


As a legislator, I will encourage cooperation between rural and urban interests, but will always defend our small towns and their schools. I will protect agriculture and farming. I will fight for family values and parental involvement in children’s education. I will fortify our 2nd Amendment rights, and I will defend the Constitution of the United States. 


If you believe in the promise of America, I’m your candidate. I’ve been incredibly blessed to grow and prosper in this country and in Iowa and I’m doing everything possible to provide the right opportunities for all our children and grandchildren. 


Please join our campaign. 


  • Wife, mother, grandmother

  • Entrepreneur

  • Successful business owner

  • 18 years church youth leader

  • 29 years advocating for small town and rural Linn County

  • 30 years school volunteer, mentor, coach

  • 22 years Linn County Farm Bureau Board

  • 32 years state-wide leadership in National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)

  • Served on numerous Linn County boards and commissions battling Democrats' wasteful spending

  • Energetic and effective leader who gets things done!

Family Values

Mother & Educator

Raising 6 children, spending time with 21 perfect grandchildren, and being "Mom" to 9 foreign exchange students and numerous other teens working through life challenges made our home full of life and love. Our children grew up working on the farms and in the businesses. The family attended church services together each week and the kids were active in youth groups.


The Golding family values working together and playing together. A family reunion of kids, spouses, and grandchildren is a loud and boisterous affair—and generally includes water sports.

In the Photo: 

Four of Cindy’s grandchildren cool off in the farm pond. 

economic health.jpeg


Creating Jobs and Opportunities

I grew up working in my family business, making gym mats and learning about entrepreneurship. My parents believed in “second chances” and the self-respect that comes with earning a paycheck. My first co-workers were those needing second chances and I came to love and respect them. 


Following my parents’ example, we have started several successful businesses and provided employment to scores of Iowans. Those businesses have also brought millions of dollars into Iowa’s economy. 


I believe the government’s role is to level the playing field, protect the environment, provide infrastructure, and then get out of the way and watch the magic happen.


Serving on the Leadership Council of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) for decades has given me the opportunity to protect the interests of small businesses: a critical part of Iowa’s economy. 

In the Photo: 

Son Ben, husband Joe, and me at a trade show for Advancement Resources, one of the companies that I co-founded. It has grown into a global provider of training and consulting services. 


A Way of Life

I am proud to own and operate several farms, including Sweet Maple Farms that produces premium Iowa maple syrup and grass horse hay.


Serving on the Linn County Farm Bureau for over 22 years, I have been an extremely active proponent of agricultural and rural issues to the state legislature.

In the Photo on the Right: The derecho destroyed several acres of our “sugarbush.” Here, I am pushing tree tops into the fire. Note the large logs in the background that will be sawed for spalted hard maple lumber then turned into furniture on the farm.

In the Video Below: Watch Sweet Maple Farms maple syrup production

farm 1 .jpeg
farm 2.jpeg

Rural & Small Town Advocate

Valuing our Rural Character

I’ve been involved for years advocating for education, small town school systems, and economic vitality of small towns in Iowa.


I led a group fighting against an aggressive, involuntary annexation of huge swaths of rural land, taking this action all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court (where we won!). I will continue to fight to ensure rural-urban cooperation as opposed to urban dominance.

In the Photo: Cutting away damage from the derecho with my daughter Lynnea. All the Golding children learned how to handle equipment safely, drive tractors, fix plumbing, and build. They became engineers, business owners, and great adults.

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