Cindy Golding doesn’t just talk about these issues. 
She’s been actively involved for decades.  
Now she’s eager to represent you in the Iowa legislature. 
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Agriculture & Small Business

Serving on the Linn County Farm Bureau for over 22 years, I have been an extremely active proponent of agricultural and rural issues to the state legislature. 


Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy, and small business tied to agriculture is essential to a vibrant economy in Linn County. I will fight for policies that offer all citizens the opportunity to prosper. 

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Another Load of Sweet Maple Farms grass hay on its way to a customer

Defending the Constitution

I am inspired by our Iowa motto:


"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."


Our United States Constitution is the backbone of the American way of life. I promise to always uphold these rights in the Iowa House.

The US state flag of Iowa waving in the wind. Iowa is a state located in the midwestern re
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Local Education in Vibrant Small Towns

Education is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, some students should go to college, some should go to a trade school or receive union training, and some should learn on the job. Bigger is not better. Students should learn to be responsible, productive, and contributing citizens. Strong local schools not only provide great education but are assets and economic engines for our small towns. 


In the 1980’s Iowa was #1 in the nation in almost every category of education. Today, we languish in the middle. I believe we need to focus on returning our schools to the excellence Iowans have a right to expect. 


As a legislator, I will always support local schools and the contribution they make to the education, and to rural economic health. 

In the Photo: 

Being alert to nature provides a ton of learning opportunities. Here Cindy uses the internet to help three of her grandchildren learn about feathers, goose anatomy, and how our founding fathers used quill pens to write our Constitution. 

Spending Your Tax Dollars Wisely

Having worked closely with legislators for decades, I have seen the tendency to create legislation that seems to solve a pressing problem, but upon implementation, creates other problems.  For example, the out-of-control inflation we are experiencing today is a result of unintended consequences of government actions.


I will listen and explore carefully all sides of issues, searching to discover in advance the unintended consequences of decisions. I'm particularly concerned about legislation that creates yet additional layers of expensive and wasteful bureaucracy.

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